Honey goat

Honey goat is a goat cheese whose rind is washed with a mixture of honey. Refined with honey. Creamy goat cheese with a slightly sweet note. The star on every cheese platter.

Old goat

Old goat is matured naturally for 10-12 months. It gives goat cheese a tangy, specific flavor that many cheese lovers enjoy intensely. This goat cheese is also ideal for finishing in a dessert or simply on a cheese board. And is suitable for vegetarians.


This farmer cheese with tomatoes and olive oil is a young mature cheese with many herbs. Although this cheese is made in the Netherlands, it has an Italian touch of tomatoes, olives, oregano and garlic. Despite its young age, it has a lot of flavor from the combination of these herbs. It is good on …

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Nut cheese

A fine mix of walnut, hazelnut and fenugreek make this nut cheese the ultimate combination. Nuts and cheese are a heavenly combination. Actually too bad to share! The nut cheese with fenugreek is soft and creamy with a slightly sweet taste similar to walnut, so it is also often combined with a good whiskey.

Black diamond

Extra quality cheese. Delicious spicy and creamy flavor, with beautiful salt crystals in the cheese.Are you a fan of aged cheese? Then you will definitely enjoy the black diamond. You will enjoy every bite. Black Diamond is a luxurious, full-fat cheese, creamy and strong in flavor. Gouda aged for 24 months. Hearty spicy with salt …

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Truffle cheese

This soft and creamy truffle cheese contains real black truffle. It is for truffle lovers an irresistible cheese. This unique combination gives the cheese an aromatic fragrance and intense earthy flavor.

Lavender cheese

A beautiful characteristic color, with lavender and rosemary and pesto gives the cheese a unique soft flavor. Nice for a cheese platter or at a party where your guests want to please with a special cheese. Best enjoyed with a glass of prosecco or champagne.

Chili cheese

The chili cheese is a gouda cheese with sambal and small chili pieces. It’s nice and smooth and creamy and the ingredients provide the necessary spice.With this cheese, for example, your vegetable or veggie burger gets a whole new flavor.The cheese is also delicious on bread or on a cheese platter with spicy cheese.With sambal …

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Pesto cheese

The most famous pesto is made with basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil, however, you can vary the herbs and cheeses according to your taste. Pesto cheese alla Genovese.Basil pesto with garlic andPine nuts.The highlight on every cheese platter.

Cupid cheese

Cupid cheese with pesto rosso and sun-dried tomatoes A bright red cheese. This cheese specialty captivates not only by its color but also by the intense Pesto Rosso flavor. Also processed are Italian herbs as well as pine nuts Thereby also called cheese of love (AMOR CHEESE) Optimal for creating colorful cheese platters A too …

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